Food and Agriculture Policy Monitoring

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FAPDA (Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis) initiative was launched by FAO in 2008 to monitor policy responses to the food security crisis. Currently FAPDA collects policy information from more than 80 countries, available through a web-based Tool and produces policy analysis at global, regional and national level. At country level, FAPDA aims to develop capacity of national partners to systematically address the weakness of the policy environment through promoting coherent and effective food and agriculture policies,  In Cambodia, FAPDA has supported CARD to establish policy monitoring as a regular activity to promote stronger inter-ministerial linkages to formulate and implement food and agriculture related policies.


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In close collaboration with  FAO, the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) currently hosts FAPDA System in Cambodia by keeping track of national food and agriculture policy decisions and registering them into a web-based Tool which facilitates the retrieval, dissemination and analysis of the policy information. The objective of this activity is to facilitate the information sharing, enrich the policy dialogue within the FSN inter-ministerial network  by facilitating the access to relevant policy information related to food security.


Policy Monitoring Process

Policy Monitoring Process


Policy Tool


The FAPDA Tool is a repository of policy decisions for about 80 countries and it facilitates the retrieval of the information through search filters and by enabling the generation of basic reports and tables. Policy decisions monitored are classified based on the FAPDA policy classification and food security dimension. Sources of information used are also available via web-links and pdf documents.


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Select “Cambodia” in the countries list of the FAPDA Tool, or click here to see the most recent information available! Cambodia latest food security policy decisions


Cambodia Feed of Lastest Policy Decision


FAO-CARD Collaboration

In the framework of FAO- CARD collaboration, FAPDA Team trained core staff members of CARD on how to identify, monitor, collect and report relevant food and agriculture policy decisions in Cambodia through the FAPDA web-based Tool in order to share Cambodia experience with other countries in the region.

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